High in protein. All natural. No preservatives. No artificial ingredients.

By taking all-natural lean beef, liberally seasoning it with pepper flakes and other natural flavors and spices, we’re able to give your taste buds exactly what they’re craving.


We take great pride in our minimal list of "All Natural" ingredients. Compare this list of ingredients to the expansive list of artificial ingredients found in our competitors' products and we think you'll be impressed. Oh yeah, and let's not forget MADE IN THE USA. 


Premium Steak 


Adds a clean sweetness that balances out the savory flavors. 

3. WaTER

The Pacific Northwest is known for its water. 

4. Beef Stock 

Provides a rich savory flavor base, enhancing beef taste. 

5. Salt 

Enhances the bold flavor experience. 

6. Spices and Natural FlavorS 

Provides subtle flavors that create unique sensory experiences. 

7. Natural Smoke Flavor 

Provides a subtle smokey base for the savory flavors to build on. 

8. Vinegar 

Rounds out the flavor experience with a smokey vinegar finish.