Meet Mark

Meet Mark Golovko, a passionate member of our TEAM OBERTO Creators Team . He’s always up for a Pacific Northwest Adventure equipped with his trusty camera and enough protein packed snacks to make the journey.

How did you develop your passion for adventures?

I have always wanted to get into photography and when I finally got myself a camera, the adventures just started to happen! I love to capture what I see and then be able to show people how the world looks through my eyes.

What’s your biggest challenge?  

My biggest challenge is being different among so many talented photographers. I find it challenging and fun at the same time to be able to take a photo of a popular location but do it in a way that nobody has before.

How do protein-packed snacks play a role in your life?

Protein snacks play a huge role in my life now! Every trip I ever go on now I always take along a pack and share it with some friends. It’s nice to have a snack that you know is actually good for you and tastes great!

What’s next on your adventure list.

I never know what’s next on my adventure list. I just see a place either on social media or someone tells me about it, and then just go there and let the adventure happen.

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