Trail Mix with Peppered Turkey Jerky


With the growing success of our Trail Mix with Jerky product mix, we're pleased to announce the addition of Trail Mix with Peppered Turkey Jerky. This new trail mix continues to align with our mission to provide more “better for you” snacks that feature the protein of jerky, as well as capitalizing on the growth in U.S. sales for both the trail mix and the jerky category. We tested Trail Mix with Jerky for several years at our integrated R&D lab and USDA-licensed manufacturing facility in the Seattle area before releasing our first product in the fall of 2016.  We've developed a proprietary blend that guarantees delicious, tender jerky while adding premium nuts, seeds, fruit and dark chocolate. Oberto’s innovative trail mix not only satisfies hunger, but delivers high protein without artificial ingredients.

To support our continued growth in this category, we have launched T.V., radio, digital, and social media advertising designed for our Trail Mix with Jerky product mix starring, All-Pro Linebacker, Bobby Wagner.


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