Who's the Loudest 12?

Loudest 12.3.jpg


There are three things you can depend on— death, taxes and that the average corporate suite at a sporting event will be full of dull and quiet suits more interested in what’s on the dessert cart than cheering the home team on.

But no longer.

Because Oberto determined to create the loudest suite in the loudest stadium in all of sports?

The effort starts at noon on July 28th, when Oberto puts their money where Seahawks fans mouths are. Oberto will have a booth in Westlake Center where fans can come and yell into a microphone. The 12 fans who register the highest decibel readings will gain admittance to the Oberto suite at the Seahawks vs Texans game on 10/29, where they can show their chops. 

chris corbin