The Oberto Jerky Challenge

Richard Sherman, the self-proclaimed, “Best damn cornerback in the league!” took on his greatest challenge— a football-throwing robot created by the Compton High School Robotics team. Returning to the Compton High School football field on the morning of July 11th, Richard attempted to prevent a robot created by the Compton High Robotics Club from throwing footballs past him and hitting 3 targets that hung from the goalposts.

The Compton High Robotics Club embodies the Oberto tagline of, “You get out what you put in. ” Despite being a new team with limited resources, they’ve upstaged more established robotics clubs in state competitions in the three years they’ve been in existence. In fact, this year, the 30-student Compton Robotics Club shocked the field at the 28-team First Tech Challenge in Pomona by making it to the semi finals.

The robotic's club hard work paid off hitting 5 targets in 12 attempts and taking home the coveted Jerky Challenge Trophy.  

In the end, it was a great day in Compton as Richard Sherman delivered an inspiring and heartfelt speech about never giving up and pursuing your dreams to all the summer school students on-hand.

chris corbin