Determined to create the loudest suite in the loudest stadium in all of sports, we held a competition for the LOUDEST 12 in downtown Seattle. We placed a microphone at Westlake Center Seattle and invited all fans to come yell their loudest for chance to win a seat in our suite October 29th, when the Seahawks play the Texans.

We've tallied the scores would like to congratulate to the Loudest 12 Seahawks Fans.

     Name (Score)

  1. Andrea Rich (116.6)
  2. Taylor Anderson (116.6)
  3. Riquelle Johnson 116
  4. Erin Anderson 115.9
  5. Dez'Janea Clay 115.4
  6. Malcolm Hagler 114.9
  7. Maya Vergien 114.5
  8. Zach Wurtz 114.5
  9. David Sudan 114.4
  10. Roman Kaminsky 114.1
  11. Elizabeth Stewart 113.8
  12. Randell Robinson 113.7

More importantly, thank you to all the 12s that stepped up to the microphone. YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN.