Oberto was founded in Seattle in 1918 by Constantino Oberto (1889-1943).  Constantino, an Italian immigrant, started out by going door-to-door to sell his hand-made Italian sausage, salami, pastrami, coppacola, and other specialty meats to small delis and grocery stores. 

The company's growth took flight under Constantino's son, Art (b. 1927). Art’s great energy, larger-than-life persona and unstoppable optimism propelled Oberto to its position today as one of the Northwest’s iconic brands.  Art still remains a revered citizen of Seattle and the company’s greatest ambassador.

Today Oberto is headquartered just a few miles south from it’s original location in South Seattle and is looking to its roots for inspiration on how it will grow. Along with authentic Italian Charcuterie, Oberto is relaunching its long time favorites of Hot Links and fresh sausages. By continuing to focus on the values Constantino Oberto established over 100 years ago while striving for innovation and improvement, Oberto is well positioned to prosper in the meat snacks and deli categories for years to come. 

Source : Rita Cipalla, Posted 7/24/2018, HistoryLink.org Essay 20610 www.historylink.org/File/20610